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DoublePulsar – WannaCry on steroids

A very scary article from the New York times on DoublePulsar which is another ramsomware built on top of the NSA tools code-named EternalBlue.  To read the full article please see A Cyberattack ‘the World Isn’t Ready For’ Advertisements

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Oracle ODA Maintenance Alert

Some great advice from Dan Morgan at Forsythe Oracle ODA Maintenance Alert: Oracle ODAs perform extensive diagnostics immediately following an appliance reboot. Be sure that you do one before you begin a patching exercise. Our standard patching procedure is to … Continue reading

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Remote Connection Security Challenges

I ran into an issue the other day with a remote connection to one of our customers and thought I would share the solution we came up with. We started out with the following setup: 1. VMware 5.5 ESXi host … Continue reading

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The modern SSD’s dirty little secret: What you don’t know about your self-encrypting SSD

Came across an article from Scott Holewinski about SSD drives. He has a nice analogy about how the NAND flash memory chips are like a bank vault when encryption is enabled (in the case of most SSDs, it is on … Continue reading

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