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I am a data recovery engineer by trade, attorney by license, husband, father and coach by choice.

Library review at the U of Chicago

Very cool review of the library at the University of Chicago.  Check out THE AUTOMATED LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO! Advertisements

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DoublePulsar – WannaCry on steroids

A very scary article from the New York times on DoublePulsar which is another ramsomware built on top of the NSA tools code-named EternalBlue.  To read the full article please see A Cyberattack ‘the World Isn’t Ready For’

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Oracle ODA Maintenance Alert

Some great advice from Dan Morgan at Forsythe Oracle ODA Maintenance Alert: Oracle ODAs perform extensive diagnostics immediately following an appliance reboot. Be sure that you do one before you begin a patching exercise. Our standard patching procedure is to … Continue reading

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Emotional Intelligence: The Meta-skill of 21st Century Sales Professionals

Great little article from Art Sobczak in his Smart Calling Tip of the Week from Emotional Intelligence:  The Meta-skill of 21st Century Sales Professionals By Jeb Blount, Author of Sales EQ:  How Ultra High Performers Leverage Sales-Specific Emotional Intelligence to … Continue reading

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Are your salespeople truly ready for Social Selling?

Are your salespeople truly ready for Social Selling?  Good read from Dennis Wagner at “If I could give salespeople training in one thing and one thing only, I would pick any one of the ten things on this list before … Continue reading

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Dealing with disruptive players – like Charlie

  Received a very nice article from David Clarke at Soccer Coach Weekly on dealing with difficult players that I thought I would share.  It made me think twice about how I handle players and re-evaluate some of my coaching … Continue reading

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WordRake tackles the ‘He’ pronoun

Taken from by Gary Kinder – To He or Not To He THE LESSON Fifty years ago, even E. B. White in The Elements of Style used sexist language. Writers should have avoided it then. We can avoid it now … Continue reading

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