Microsoft SQL as-a-Service gets real with FEHC 3.1!

Now if only it included Kroll Ontrack’s PowerControls it really would be a complete solution

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This is a guest post from my colleague at EMC Eyal Sharon (@eyalglobal). The views and information expressed here are those of the author. They have not been reviewed or approved by Microsoft or EMC.

Agile, Simple, Secure and Automated, this what the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (FEHC) marketing blurb promises. The EMC Enterprise Applications Solutions Group has worked very hard to achieve what I’m sharing with you here. I am so proud of the engineering teams that made it real. In this post I would like to take you through the latest capabilities we are going to introduce very soon with the release of Microsoft Applications as-a-service in EMC Federation Hybrid Cloud 3.1.

So what’s in there?

Microsoft applications package for FEHC 3.1 provides:

  • On-demand deployment of Microsoft Exchange, SQL and SharePoint instances
  • blueprints that you can import into vRealize Automation Application Services
  • monitoring capabilities for MS applications via…

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