Selling using usage and outcomes, not offerings

Interesting read from John Hollan, Chief Content Officer at Customer Centric Selling (

A salesperson once told me he sold industrial adhesives. Glue? I asked. We compromised on expensive glue. When asked to tell me more, he launched into a well-rehearsed 45-second pitch. Words like ions, polymers, bonding and viscosity described his glue as a noun.

I asked him to describe glue as a verb. After a long pause he mentioned an aerospace application. Rivets used to affix skins add weight, weaken the structure and increase drag. Adhesives can make aircraft lighter, stronger, more fuel-efficient and are cheaper to apply than rivets. I got it.

Executives are interested in usage and outcomes, not offerings.


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I am a data recovery engineer by trade, attorney by license, husband, father and coach by choice.
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