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The modern SSD’s dirty little secret: What you don’t know about your self-encrypting SSD

Came across an article from Scott Holewinski about SSD drives. He has a nice analogy about how the NAND flash memory chips are like a bank vault when encryption is enabled (in the case of most SSDs, it is on … Continue reading

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Using Motivational Passwords

Very interesting read from W. Scott Montgomery on getting users to use strong passwords that mean something to them.  Taken from One of the biggest complaints we hear from computer users is, “I have to re-enter my password dozens … Continue reading

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Seven Signs your Rockstar Employee is Eyeing the Door

Seven Signs your Rockstar Employee is Eyeing the Door – from Time and money have gone into hiring the right employee for your business. Mindflash notes several signs that might be noticeable at first, and it is imperative not to … Continue reading

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5 Powerful Questions To Ask at a Networking Event

5 Powerful Questions To Ask at a Networking Event by Thomas Camarda at The Big W- Who, What When, Where, Why. These 5 words are used by children more times a day than adults, ask any parent and they will … Continue reading

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Books Read

Thought maybe I should start a list of the books read this year: Talented – Sophie Davis Caged – Sophie Davis Hunted – Sophie Davis Created – Sophie Davis The Final Formula – Becca Andre The Element of Death – … Continue reading

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Selling using usage and outcomes, not offerings

Interesting read from John Hollan, Chief Content Officer at Customer Centric Selling ( A salesperson once told me he sold industrial adhesives. Glue? I asked. We compromised on expensive glue. When asked to tell me more, he launched into a … Continue reading

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10 Marriage Tips Every WIFE Needs to Hear

Taken from There’s a blog post that’s recently gone viral, written by a divorced man featuring some really sound advice about marriage (click here to read it).  I really have to applaud this guy.  It takes guts to stand up … Continue reading

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